Surfers is a Paradise

It's 5.30 in the morning and we are staying with our cousin in Runaway Bay, on the Gold Coast, in Australia. The five of us get dressed; outside the dark is just starting to lift to the light of the dawn, the sun starting to cast a pink hue on the water as the sky above it appears midnight blue. We quietly carry our fishing rods, making our way down the pontoon, jumping aboard the speedboat moored in the water at the bottom of the garden.

Once on, the engine is stirred and as silently as possible we make our way along the manmade canal, passing darkened houses on both sides until out onto the Broadwater and the Seaway. Finally we find ourselves sitting on the Pacific Ocean with gently rolling waves lifting us gently up and down, as the morning starts to take shape.

Looking to shore the bright lights and High Rise buildings of Surfers Paradise stands in its magnificence in front of us on such as small plot, as behind us the sun starts to rise above a bank of cloud in its ascent into the sky.

Quietly we all sit watching, the only sound the bleeping of the fish finder equipment on the boat. Looking further out to sea, we spy another two boats close to each other. Wondering whether they may have spotted something, Gavin drives the boat closer to their position and in that moment we notice what is holding their attention. In the silence we hear the sound of a blowhole clearing and a tail slapping the surface of the water and look upon a pod of dolphin in the act of fishing, we're transfixed. They take no notice of us, their intention to fix themselves 'Breakfast,' so we have the joy of sitting and observing them dive and surface in the clear blue water, as they leap and hunt as the morning arrives brighter and warmer.

Finally they take their leave and that prompts us to take ours, making our way back to the Seaway where the fish finder bleeps faster and faster.

The opportunity has arrived, our daughter dips her rod in for the first time ever, as we watch the teenagers swim on their surfboards across the water to the breaks on the other side. Snap, a fish is on the end of the line, with her Dads help her first ever Snapper is reeled in and tonight we know, 'Dinner will be served.'

J Stringer

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