Surf , sun and siestas

Roughly twenty years ago I hired a surfboard while on holiday . After many failed attempts I managed to stand up and I was hooked , or so I thought . A few days later I returned to my country home , went to college , got a job , grew a larger belly and the dream was forgotten . Recently though the memory resurfaced . Perhaps , with my 37th birthday looming it was my subconscious yelling “do it again now, before it's too late !!!”.

So I booked , I flew , and I arrived at the Surf appartment in Conil de la Frontera in Southern Spain , my destination for the week . I met my fellow surfers , ate , drank and went to bed . We were picked up by the instructor the next morning and driven to the beach . I slid gracefully into my wetsuit (go with it) , then splashed excitedly out into the surf .

Within a few runs I was on my feet again , the power of the waves at my heels and adrenalin coarsing through my rarely coarsed veins . I waded out and surfed back in relentlessly until truly exhausted !

The next day I was standing up with ease and even started progressing to some slight turns whilst screaming like a five year old . Then I made two mistakes . The first was overestimating my talents on a surfboard and the second was underestimating the ocean . I ventured out further than usual to catch the bigger waves . I paddled , stood up and for a split second was the happiest man alive , until the nose of the board dipped below the surface , shortly followed by me . Then I was shown how it would feel to become trapped in a washing machine , spun helplessly round until the wave , amply amused , spat me back to the surface gasping and swearing . A lesson had been learned and it was time for a coffee !

The rest of the holiday followed a similar pattern , though I hate to use the word pattern as it makes it sound monotonous , which it was far from . Unless your idea of monotony is exhilarating sports ,
beautiful scenery , great food and culture , sun and warmth and not forgetting that wonderful Spanish tradition of siesta's ?! I even got to spend a couple of days with a very attractive Finnish girl who joined us later in the week !

It was a holiday I'll never forget . I had fulfilled my dream of surfing again , met some great people and had lots of fun ! The only complaint I would have is that they cannot guarantee a Finnish girl next time I go !

B Muffett

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