Pure moment on a desert beach on the Lamma Island

Sitting on the ferry and waiting for its departure, me and my girlfriend were eager to arrive on the Lamma Island in Hong Kong (China). After about 40 minutes sailing on the sea, we reached Sok Kwu Wan, a fishing town located in the Middle East coast, just in time for our lunch.

Getting off the ferry, the first thing, we did, was to look for a place to eat, something easy to find but not easy to decide. Walking down and up the main street, there are only seafood restaurants, one next to the other. Crabs, lobsters, clams, mussels… each one exposed inside an aquarium, all alive and big size, after a hard decision, we decided to lunch at the Rainbow Seafood restaurant because of a big and beautiful blue lobster.

In this moment, for us, it was our great moment but not the pure moment that we were going to discover in few hours. Once filled up our stomach, we started our adventure and just out of the food area, there is a square where the main building is a temple dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea.

Following the only path, we approached to the first houses of the island but not before to pass in front of a cave, a panel saying that it was used by the Japanese during the war and of course, the 2 usual words “no passing”.

Going on our way, we crossed beautiful fields where local people cultivate their own products and the only “modern” bar of the village where anyone can take a rest, order a drink and savor it meanwhile listening actual songs, a kind of luxury.

More we walked, more we went deeper and more we climbed up a mountain, we made our first stop when we reached the first view point by taking some pictures and our time to enjoy the great view. Unfortunately, we were not alone to enjoy another great moment but we didn’t mind to share it with other people.

Feeling the need for more, we took back our walk, after about 30 minutes, we spotted a panel showing a narrow way to reach another view point so without hesitation, we took it. Once there, we saw a beach but the only way down, to reach it, is through a wild path.

After some minutes of meditation, we decided to go because we would like to witness the beautiful show of the day that was coming, a lovely sunset !!! It was our pure moment, only us on a desert beach, a moment that we didn’t forget during our holiday, even now at home.

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