My moment in New Delhi

“Travelling is all about adventure”, someone said!

The clouds weaved a pattern around the pine wood forest which engulfed the hills.

It was a crazy beginning. I had planned this outing for days. I was to kidnap my husband and take him on this surprise trip for his birthday. The plan was evolved with meticulous detailing. By late evening, I gave an Oscar winning performance on wanting to go for a drive to get ice creams. After almost an hour with me looking out for the “right” ice cream parlor, I broke the news. I can never forget his face when I revealed the secret, I so wish I had a picture of that moment.

We were off to a place called Rampur, in the hills of the Uttaranchal, north of New Delhi, India. After the excitement subsided and the overnight journey in the car, the first sight of the hills was just awesome. We were to stay in a cute little cottage perched on top of a hill with a breathtaking view.

I am a restless sort always wondering what to do next. In the evening of the second day, my husband had settled in with a book and his I pod. I decided to go to the terrace. The cottage had a terrace which was open to the sky and had few seats. As I sat and looked around, I realized it was pitch dark, the light on the terrace was not working. It was so silent that I could actually hear my own breath. After a while, I stared at the sky.

“Blue blistering barnacles………”, I said aloud. The moonless night was lit up with gazillion stars sparkling, glistening and shining like glitter. It looked like someone had sprinkled glitter on the sky. I drew in a sharp breath and closed my eyes. It was an indescribable moment. A moment of solace and peace. The many things which were constantly on my mind, like most of us have, eased away. My mind maybe for the first time in many years was blank. I just sat there for I don’t know how long enjoying the moment. In this world of constant run against time, for money, for a living that moment redefined me. The simplicity of the moment, the brilliance of the stars, the pitch darkness of the sky, the eerie silence felt like it was there just for me. It wasn’t like seeing some wonder of the world or undertaking an adventure like what I believed all travel to be, it was just a simple moment which nature bestowed on me. I never knew that darkness could be so powerful and strong. That day evoked lot of feelings in me and made me realize the value of slowing down and of time with myself. The moment really was a journey of self discovery and realization. Nature in its very simplest forms was surreal. It was my moment of discovery, my moment of truth and for that instant it was just about nature and me.

L Saha

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