My Travel Moments

Sometimes life puts you at a crossroad until you are at loss on what to do. The beginning of the trip was already chaotic. We were rushing to catch the last ferry out to the Puerto Galera but we arrived too late due to the drizzle. She was beside me all the way holding my arms since the start of our journey down the South Luzon Expressway. We put up at one of the budget motel near Batangas pier for the night and took the first outrigger ferry out to Puerto Galera. As the outrigger cuts through the azure coloured waves, the wind wrapped around her wavy hair, like shadows dancing in the twilight. And from the look of her face, she was really happy. I haven’t seen her smile like that for a very long time. I thought to myself, is this the smile that she would wear on our wedding day?

We stayed at the most luxurious place on Puerto Galera, the “Out Of Blue Private Villas” resort. Perched on the hillside, the panoramic view of the bay from the verandah of the restaurant was truly calming. Now, I could understand why the Spanish colonial masters called this place “Port of the Galleon”. A former refuge from the devastating seasonal tropical typhoons that plague the Philippines, looking across the calm bay, you could almost see the mighty galleons swinging peacefully in their anchors. And as the sound of the gentle blue waves beat against the shores of Sabang Beach, it felt like all my worldly troubles were being washed away as well. After so many years, it finally came down to this trip. Our years together had not been entirely blissful. There were so many trials and challenges and yet, I can’t help but felt that all our years together is worth saving, be it good or bad. At this point of time, all I know was that I love this woman dearly and hoped for her to be my wife.

Perhaps what they said about Puerto Galera was right after all, “Tranquillity will be just the beginning of your stay on the Pearl Of Mindoro”.

J Ling

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