My Travel Moment in Germany

Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for landing. The pilot instructed as we approached the Frankfurt airport in Germany. I looked down at the lights of the small towns on the ground and realized that it was real, that I was actually going to Europe for the first time. It was a magical feeling. Id dreamed about and planned this day for so long, and it was all finally happening. Because I hadnt
gotten any sleep on the red eye flight Id taken, I was a little bit dazed, but in no way sleepy. As the plane touched down I looked out the window and saw planes departing to and arriving from all over the world. I grabbed by bags, walked off the plane and took my first ever steps outside of North America in the early morning sunshine.

Once inside, everything seemed a blur. The airport was enormous, with what seemed like every kind of store, service and restaurant you could ever want. Announcements in German rang out from the PA system, and what seemed like every language known to man was being spoken simultaneously.

I bought a cup of strong German coffee and a muffin and decided to people watch while I waited for my connecting flight to Venice, Italy, where Id spend two days before continuing to travel through Italy, Switzerland and France for the next two weeks. I watched people rush to and fro, some striding purposefully as if they knew exactly where they were going, and the sooner they got there, the better. Others looked a little bit overwhelmed and bewildered by all the sights and sounds, just like I felt.

I soon realized that it was nearly time to board my flight, and so I started to make my way through the hordes of people and attempted to follow the confusing signs to my gate. It must be possible to walk around that airport for days and never cover the same ground twice. Eventually I made it to my gate and boarded my flight, which took me to Venice and a whole host of new and exciting experiences.

E Jensen

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