Majestic Himalayas and alone Tea house owner

After the months of stressful works, it was finally a season of festival in Nepal where I could get some peace within myself. As a tourism academician, i had been travelling a lot especially in the urban destination but my thirst of exploring the exotic wilderness was still not lift up. Hence, I was planning to overcome my thirst in near future but I had never thought my luck would fancy me with this opportunity so sooner.

Immediately after I rap off with all those family formalities in the big festival, I packed my bag and just ran away in search of wilderness. The song from Eddie Vedder of ‘hope you are not lonely……without me….’was playing in my iPod and I was more excited to leave this society alone.

After 12 hours of painful drive starting from 8 in the morning, I finally reached to Singati a base village for one of the most exotic trekking trail at 8 in the evening. The smells of local dry meat and the flies murmuring in the heads, this village is yet so intoxicating. The people are friendly and the taste of fresh fish from the glacier level can make you forget the Arctic Char. After a tired and paining day, it was time to have a hot dinner and good night sleep in not so tidy bed!! The next day after sipping a tea from local yak’s milk, I started a journey. Alone in the trail with flowing Tamakoshi from the Gaurishanker range and local people carrying almost double their weight in their backpacks, I feel the excitement already being in the lap of majestic Himalayas. These traditional trekkers were forced to do trekking to earn less than US$ 5 per day, though we are paying over US$ 100 to feel the experience which they are experiencing in all their life. Except stopping for mid day lunch I did had no other exciting options that as walking, so I keep following my job. Staying to the lodges and starting the trek early, I continued for 4th day untiI reached to a place of amazing and surprising gifts for me.

The place I step in for the overnight though it was not that early, was a mix of Austrian pasture land, amazon river and the Nepalese Himalayas. Yes the place was in the bank of fast flowing glacier river with huge pastureland and snow capped peaks covering as a wall. And there was only one tea house where I was obliged to stay but the experience was not as miserable as my expectation. Reason was, in most rural part of country where my eyes were thirsty of seeing some pretty local women, the only tea house owner was a pretty sherpini lady cooking her meal. Her dark eyes and long hairs were much intoxicating as that of the snowy mountains. The hospitality she gave to me was also the most unforgettable experience and let me forget all those uniformed people serving in any 5 star hotel.

N Acharya

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