Landau Island, The Green Island

The time showed almost midnight. I was driven by a taxi to my resting place far from the airport. And finally I arrived at the hotel where I had to spend my night in Hong Kong. From the airport to the hotel, it took 40 minutes if you went by taxi approximately HK$ 130 for the fee. But it would be different if you took another type of transportation, like crossing the island by ferry.

I spent one night in Landau Island, one of the islands in Hong Kong. That night, I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to explore the beauty of Hong Kong. On Landau Island, you can find resorts with incredible views. Beaches, the harbour, hills and bicycles are the most interesting things and you can see them on Landau Island.

When I sat at the front of the hotel, I could feel the cold wind sweeping all my skin into my bones. Sometimes the sound of the waves inspired you knowing how many secrets are behind the darkness of the sea. However it still gave you a feeling of pleasure. Meanwhile, sitting outside in the middle of the night, watching some couples who fell in love, made me to create an image. Not only that, I even tried to collect some energy to help my unhealthy body recover. I was just believed that nature could healing my body from exhaustion.

This is not an adventurous trip, but if you want to search for a quite place for relaxation, I suggest you will find it on Landau Island. The place where the people still use a bicycle as their transportation to take them whereever they want to go. It depicted a harmonious interaction between nature and human beings. Natural green is good for your health, not only for your physical but also for your mental health. Landau Island, the memorable scenery of pureness. It seems like nobody has touched the beauty of this island. The hill was one of their beauties and still covered by the green of the trees and some rocks could be found in the river under the bridge. Even though I can find this beauty in my country, I just feel that this place is recommended for everyone who looking for a tranquility. The Mystery of God always puzzles human beings in understanding the greatness of God. Of course, you can see this on Landau Island. Enjoy your trip!.

R Korniawan

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