Going to Kansas

I was just sitting in the car waiting for us to stop bored almost to tears. I had just finished my fourth book and a coloring book. I was starting to get carsick when my mom told me to look up. I raised my head and looked out the window to see one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. Before us was a huge mountain covered in trees. There was a road that wound upward leading us to the other side.
"Are we going up it?" I asked.
"I believe so."
As we went farther up amazing sights awaited me. There was all kinds of wildlife like deer, moose, wild horses, and I even caught sight of a bear! We passed large caves and a few caverns. But the most wonderful sight was a sparkling pond that was the end of a large waterfall. A rainbow fell over it and the fish in the pond almost matched it. The waterfall and pond was just the end of a medium sized river that glinted with the reflection of the sky.
When we passed that we started heading downwards toward yet another dirt rode but this time Susanne stopped to show me and mom a sight. In front of us on the side of the road was a graveyard that had no headstones only markers. On a plaque was a story that I would like to share with you.
One winter a young girl's family got very sick and there was no cure where she lived. She had to travel to a far away mountain to a doctor's house to get the medicine. On her way though she met a terrible fate.
She was walking along the path when she heard the bark of wolves. She ran to a nearby tree and climbed up it. As she waited for the wolves to leave she began to grow cold. The wolves still did not leave so she decided to take a nap. But unfortunately she died of coldness.
Her family recovered and found her in the tree.
Isn't that sad? After we left we traveled to a harvest field where we picked corn and pumpkins. I made a jack-o'-lantern too. I would love to go back but I also want to explore the rest of the US or even the World.
That's why I want to be an exotic vet and travel to Africa.

S Harper

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