There was a place that makes me amazed so much. It was Bledug Kuwu, a very special place in Central Java, Indonesia. It was a place where mud burst. It was like bursting from inside the earth. The place looked like a lake filled with mud. Every second or so one bursting comes out. I wanted to go there. Unfortunately, I hadnít got a chance to go there. I live in central Java too, but Bledug Kuwu is far from my place.

Luckily, when I was a graduate student, I got a chance to go to Bledug Kuwu. Two of a friend of mine did their research there. They asked me and the other friend go there with them. I felt very excited. Finally, I could go to the place which I dreamt of.

It was a little disappointment at first glance when I got there. I thought there a lot of bursting of mud. But there was just three. Well Ö I guess no need to be disappointed. It was interesting to watch bursting of mud, after all.

My friend went to the center of the place. Itís clear that Iím more interested than them. I went too far to the center of the of the bursting. Itís not mud anymore. It was hardened. Close to the centre of the bursting made me more excited. And made me more careless. I didnít realize that there was lot of place that was very soft.

I chose the wrong step. And it lead me to the wrong place. It was a very soft place. My legs was drowned, as high as my kneel. My friend tried to release me from that mud. It was useless. My body kept drowned in the mud. It is as high as my waist.

My mind went wild. I thought it was the end of my life. I was drowned deeper. It was as high as my chest. The two of my friend let my hands go. There we were. I was afraid of death and my friends were afraid of mud. Suddenly my other friend ran to us from the edge of that place. He came to me and reach my hands.

We both tried very hard to release myself from that mud. Very, very hard. Finally we got myself free. The two of my friend, the reason I went to that place, were giggling to me. I clenched my teeth so hard.

There I was. Visiting one of the place that I wanted to visit the most. And I was covered in mud, from head to toe. Yeah, impressive.

M Wiedyaningsih

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