A travel moment on the Inca Trail

After spending three months travelling through the vibrate culture of Rio, the beautiful country side of Salta and the hustle and bustle of La Paz, reaching the start of the Inca trail was truly the most fear jerking moment of all.

This was the basis and foundation behind all South American culture and a history of which they are still, to this day very proud of. To visit the sacred valley, and a countless amount of museums based of the life of the Incas, we were finally all about to experience the most meaningful track to their lost city of Machu Picchu.

Day one was filled with ambition of how successful we thought we could be, watching in amazement as porters ran up the hillside head of us. The sun was shining upon the beautiful hillsides around us.

Day two was the highest altitude to which any of us had been and it was taking its toll, every corner turned…every step climbed…the path just kept getting tougher . As the rain poured down we reach dead woman’s pass or Warmiwańuska it had been gruelling uphill struggle to 4,200 metres above see level.

Day three was a start of the longest walk. Visiting cultural sites such as an Sayaqmarka perched as a watch place on the surrounding hillsides, it had a realisation of how real this history was. We were relieved to move down closer to see level, all be it not very close. I was being pulled along by the pure will to succeed and by remembering the history which surrounded me and how blessed I was to be witnessing it.

Day four we awoke at 4.30 to reach the sungate before the other tourists. The will to see this sacred site with few people, to have this moment to ourselves.

We reached the city and climbed to find our perfect postcard view…. We were gutted beyond belief to find cloud covering the view, a long walk with no success.

We sat disappointed and deflated on the edge waiting and watching and resting our weary legs. Until finally, the clouds cleared.

It has to be one of the most touched and worked for sights of my life. We had walked and we had earnt our right to our treasured view. And there I could have sat all day, a pure feeling of serenity, a busy tourist destination but yet so peaceful and so full of ore. The clouds re-covered the sight leaving glimpses just enough to inspire the mind, How a city so big and so spectacular for its time, hidden deep within the hilltops. So out of sight but so clearly not out of mind.

The Inca trail. My biggest achievement.

C Parsons

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