A travel moment in the Czech Republic

Two incredibly moving, core shaking experiences; times of reflection where you hear that inner voice, I cant believe Im here, this, the best day of my life. Hopefully youll be able to travel with me as you read, walk my journey, see through my eyes, feel with my heartthe beautiful world we live in; the world Ive been lucky enough to embrace, whole heartedly. Travel is the most rewarding avenue Ive taken and as Louis Armstrong would agree, I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Enjoy!

The Czech Republic is truly an amazing country! The food, the history, culture and sights breathtaking! Bike tours, cinnamon sweets, great goulash to satisfy any hungry heart, the hot springs of Karlovy Vary, swimming in the cleansing waters on top of the mountain, looking upon the most incredible castles and architecture in the distance. The meeting of some amazing souls in the tranquillity of Cesky Krumlov; a place you will never forget and a place you will never want to depart. Oh, and the Padlocks for Love, Certovka Canal Bridge in Prague, the sweetest belief Ive heard yet in my years of travel. As the story goes, people go to the tiny bridge, padlock in hand, and hope in heart. They fasten the padlock to the railings and throw the key into the waters beneath. Whoever finds your key and matches it to the right padlock is said to be your soul-mate. I'm a complete sucker for all that romantic jazz, so clearly I fell even more in love with Prague; the key to my heart. Games of uno and chess, meals smothered in paprika, all washed down with perhaps a little too much vodka. All a distant memory now, but the laughter still echoes in my heart! LASKA!

Bali; the land of simplicity, provokes a sense of tranquillity beyond belief. The wedding of a fantastic couple, bongos, great food and partying, finishing with wedding outfits off, bathers on and pool fun!
From massages to scooter rides to chilling by the pool, chatting til all hours and being serenaded with Roxette; bliss! Such an eye opening experience! I now ponder, how selfish, how lucky are we and how much do we take for granted? Lesson number one learnt... Love thy neighbour! There is such a strong emphasis on good karma - love it! When I say they have nothing, they literally have nothing! In a world where everything is so primitive, what they do have is an infectious smile, a kind heart and a free spirit. Begging to the degree where my heart sinks, all to put a plate of rice on the table. The desperation was so severe in their eyes, you can't help but feel guilty for the spoilt life you live back home in Australia. The air is polluted, the water you cannot drink, the money...well there is none. However, the quality of being, the perspective of life, there is simply no comparison! They are actually
alive and living! TERIMA KASIH!

N Stivala

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