A travel moment in Tobago

Being lucky enough to travel is one thing, but having the privalige to find the most breath taking spot surrounded by tranquilty and beautiful surroundings is another.

If you are ever lucky enough to find such location is this vast world then you'll know that the time you spent there will stay with you forever. And at the end of day, holidays are only a limited thing, one week, two, ten days,so having the memories of a lifetime about such place is really the icing on the cake the memories of a particular destination is what you will cherish and look back on with a smile.

For me, Tobago in the Carribean was the one in a million trip. Situated sixty miles south of Barbados is the small island that is Tobago. White beaches, and crystal waters and the most important thing-
uncommercialsied! Locals are so friendly and want to help and this always improves the holiday. Street markets, and festivals bring energy, colour and excitment to the small towns. Fresh food with amazing seafood, meat fruit and vegetables all served at every restaurant. The cusine was to die for at the hotel I stayed at. Coco Reef was elegant and friendly with a private beach and lagoon that made you feel miles away. Snorkelling round the reef showed huge variety's of fish every single colour and creed. Rain forests not more than an hour away by car proved exotic, with lush surrounds, humid and tall waterfalls home to all sort of wildlife. The beauty of the small island is literally breathtaking. Having such contrasting scenery in the same place was exciting and very rare.

On one of our last trips, we went on a boat ride, zooming past beautiful surroundings until we got to the lagoon two miles into the ocean, it is said that once you go in you come out looking ten years younger. That didn't quite happen to me but the experience was well worth it. A sting ray was feeling extra friendly and starting swimming around my legs the texture amazingly soft and squishy, our guide said he must of been young as he wasn't afraid of the boat or humans. We took some bread and put it
in my hand and under the water, the sting ray started to eat it from my hand, an experience that I will never forget or will likely never happen again.

The memories I have from Tobago, tell me I will never have that experience again but I can not stress enough that it is the most beautiful country, and one where if you need to relax you are definitely heading in the right direction.

F Lowes

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