A travel moment in Sydney

As most travellers to Sydney will know you cannot go to Sydney and not visit Bondi beach. Especially if you worship the sun like I do. As I was staying in the city I needed to get the bus to Bondi. After eventually finding the bus stop from some questionable directions given to me by an old man who I'm not sure was even attempting to keep his saliva in his mouth I was greeted by a grumpy bus driver who informed me you couldn't buy tickets on the bus and shooed me to the nearest 7/11. I'm not the most focused of people and got distracted by the slurpie machine which I then spent my bus fair on.

After meeting the grumpy bus driver I decided maybe the train was the way to go if I wanted a cheeky free trip. So I headed to the nearest train station and saw an open gate, to me this practically meant that train travel was free or maybe that was just what I thought to override my conscience. However Karma worked its charm as the train took me right back past the Hostel I was staying at before heading to Bondi. Or so I thought. 20 minutes and a lot of stops later I arrived at Bondi and had to discreetly jump the gate this time as there was no open gate for me to casually walk through. As I left the station I was confused to find there was no beach and regrettably it took a poor local a good 5 minutes to explain the difference between Bondi and Bondi Junction.

Do not be mistaken and get the train, it takes you to Bondi Junction not Bondi beach. A mistake I was happy to have made once I discovered the amount of shops at Bondi Junction. After a brief hour of shopping I decided it was probably time to go to the beach as that was my aim for the day. I bought a ticket from the 7/11 a confusing concept for me and jumped on the bus to Bondi beach.

I could feel the excitement building up inside me on the 10 minute journey to the beach, blissfully unaware of what would happen once I got there. If you listen to anything in this article listen to this. Stay on the left side of the beach. The currents have a danger rating Left= 3/10 & Right= 7/10. I did not know this. Now my humiliation has been broadcast on the show ‘Bondi Beach Rescue’. I think you know what happened. If you don't know what happened no doubt you will ignore what I have said, go to the right side of the beach and I will see you on 'Bondi Beach Rescue' cursing my name for not divulging more information.

I left the hostel at 9am. I arrived at Bondi 12pm. I took me 3 hours to make a 20 minute journey.

Next time I will not go alone.

C Lowder

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