A travel moment in Rome

"A certain philosopher asked St. Anthony: Father, how can you be so happy when you are deprived of the consolation of books? Anthony replied: My book, O philosopher, is the nature of created things, and any time I want to read the words of God, the book is before me." ---wisdom from the desert

I wonder who thought of the design of an amphitheater. Surely the Romans were not the first. Perhaps a young cusquenian or Incan sitting on the hill now titled San Blas. For I can hear whistles, hammers, honks, I mentioned flutes before, the ant boy sneezing, And currently a pink floyd cover band playing the dark side of the moon in its entirety. This city sits upon a God made amphitheater! Faces are the play. I watched a video describing the myths of the origins of the Incas in Spanish. (The english sub-titles didn't make it in time I was informed.) A man had a comment not a question. Trabajamos, manos, tierra....I grasp onto words that i might comprehend. His message was much more passionate then the translation, true in most cases. The translation: "The video was important because we must learn where we come from and not forget. We are heading in a dangerous direction and we should return to working the earth with our hands"... Not a new concept or mantra. I heard one woman state "lets just say I am connected to the elements," and I heard another man say "we are going to machu picchu to see the aliens land." They came into South American Explorers and we sent them with blessings. The Incas worshipped the sun and peru gave of its gold. It seems humanity is often in search of something to be found and worshipped, or something that has been lost. Is simplicity often what humanity feels has been lost? Is glory often what humanity is in search of? Llamas sure-footedly stroll the streets of Cusco accompanied by a Quechuan woman or child. Their sole purpose is not to beg, but to offer a brilliant photo of peruvian life for only 5 soles.... get a message for 20 soles sold to you like alcohol during the prohibition, "lady you want a message", what about a purse, bracelet, silver, a trek through the jungle, 100% alpaca sweater for only 15 soles. I'm interested by that man's cry. But here it does feel simpler. I find tranquility at the bottom of the amphitheater and in the stands. The church bells were the most impressive this morning.

H Morgan

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