A travel moment in Nakuru National Park

Traveling is my love, it what keep me going in this life. I am student at a college university in Kenya, my family and friends calls me a local travel maniac, and I like it, I have traveled in almost all the cities
in my country, from historical sites like fort Jesus, Kit mikayi, to the nationals parks, rivers,maasai Mara planes, camping sites, museums, historical monuments, the list is endless. Whenever I travel I am always accompanied by my beau, he is 16 yearís old, always in good shape, he takes good shots, clear images and doesnít screw my day. During my traveling spree, I meet a lot of adventures and a lot of people from different calibers, and I try so hard to make friends, exactly not that hard, because am definitely a friendly person by looks. Okay, donít getme wrong, I donít do bragging.

My funniest, exciting and travel of my life, it was in august last year, the 15th on a Saturday. The day before, I was chilling in the living room watching television with my friends then I saw the advert of a
national park in Nakuru, the flamingoes, gosh! They were pretty, they covered the whole lake with their pink feathers and the view from the television was captivating. Immediately I knew something was missing inside me, I told my friend that I am going to Nakuru national park, and they just stared at me. I heard a few cash that can only cover for my transport, to and not fro, so I decided to take my roommate cash in her purse without permission, I knew she wonít lend me since I am a good
beggar who doesnít pay debt, I knew I just turned my reputation from travel maniac to kleptomaniac. Anyway I am just a player. When it comes to accommodation? No problem, a friend in need is a friend in deed, which is why I donít travel out of my territory.

When I arrived in Nakuru the next day, she was waiting for me at the bus station, we hugged and talked trying to catch up, but my mind was somewhere else, the flamingos and my beau was hungry for some shots. So we drove to the park, the animals like the big fives i.e. the rhinoceros, lion, elephant, leopard and buffaloes were all there, you know in Africa we are the luckiest people, I mean all this animals but unfortunately some have never seen them, we donít find animals like this in the forest, they are in parks. We arrived at my best site, the flamingoes, I took some shots and I had to move closer to them near the shore of the lake in order to take some clear shots. The ranger told us
to wipe the mud out of our shoes because the salty mud was going to corrode our shoe soles, so we did as he asked. It was along day but my beau captured it all.

D Ouma

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