A travel moment in Jordan

Jordan is a magical country with varied climate. It was +30*C in Aqaba at the Red Sea, +12 in Petra and +38 at the Dead Sea . Meanwhile, in Amman it was +5.Aqaba is the Riviera of Jordan, the only coast Jordan has and that’s where the rich Jordanians go for the weekend. It’s the only point in Jordan from where you can clearly see Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Israel in one go. After staying there for 2 nights we travelled to the Wadi Rum( Valley of High mountains).It has become famous after the film “Laurence of Arabia” as that’s exactly where the story happened. We had a jeep trip into the desert to see the mountains and it was breathtaking. The mountains reminded me of the Grand Canyon . Some mountains have been strangely changed by erosion and look like dinosaur’s skeletons. Bedouins still live their old fashioned life there, in tents. When we were driving on the road from Aqaba to Wadi Rum the sand was blowing on the road and it reminded me of snow blowing on the road, and mountains around us just disappeared into nowhere…And then there is and echo in Wadi Rum. Try speaking louder and it will be like talking into a microphone! Being alone in the desert gives you a weird feeling of being the only surviving human on the planet.

Oh, and the fun bit about Jordan–every morning you will be waking up with the sound of “Allah” coming from the nearby mosque at 5am.I suppose it means "get your lazy infidel bum out of bed and down the mosque, promto!":)And then, we were off to Petra for a couple of days.. Usually, when you see the pictures of Petra it’s just the main big building, the most impressive one. No one tells you that there are miles and miles of these buildings .They even have trips to spend 7 days in Petra climbing mountains. I renamed that trip” Get knacked in Petra ” as you really need to be as fit as a mountain goat to be able to climb up and down. The Dead Sea itself is 400 meters below sea level. The sea is so salty that floating is the best option, not swimming. Reading a book or a paper while floating around is ideal, it`s like floating on inflatable mattress! Trying to stand up and walk in the Dead Sea is like trying to walk in custard! The other attraction there is mud. It’s good for skin diseases and other health problems, so, huge pots of mud are filled with fresh mud daily and it’s really fun to see people covering themselves in black mud with consistency of Nutella and then standing on the beach waiting for it to dry. It’s like watching penguins , all facing the sun!

J Hancock

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