A travel moment in Ibiza

I went to live in Ibiza for the summer this year, like many other young people do, however not many of us have truly seen the island. Summer months spent lying on white sandy beaches, and swimming with shoals of silver fish in the turquiose waters of the medditeranean sea. The beauty of the white isle is often forgotten in favour of the concrete jungles of San Antonio and Ibiza Town, and the subsequent pounding Balearic beats and menagerie of young, bikini clad clubbers. After four months
negotiating the menacing streets of the clubberís paradise at all hours, I decided it was time to discover the more peaceful side, and in the two weeks I spent scaling cliffs, hiking to lesser known beauty spots, and the unbelievable amount of time spent pitching tents, I saw the real views the island had to offer. Sat in the sand as the last of the days heat disappears, watching the sky turn into molten lava. The sunsets here on the white isle are always intense, but as the last rays light up the clouds above Cala Díhort, in an array of spectacular colours, itís as if some force, whether it be the God of some faith or Mother Nature, has taken a lit match and set the sky on fire, scattering the late summer clouds and surrounding the majestic beauty of Es Vedra like a halo. You feel as though you should whisper, so as not to disturb the tranquillity of the moment. Even the sister island, Es Vedranell, in ití
s sleeping dragon form, appears to bow down to Es Vedra, standing there in all itís glory. In such a moment, time seems to stand still and you feel insignificant in comparison to everything surrounding you. The waves kissing the rocks with their calming songs, it makes you forget any thoughts other than where you are in that speck of time. Though, eventually the sky turns black and a blanket of stars appears, the almost iridescent haze of the fire stays there, skimming the horizon, lest you forget the awe inspiring sight that was there before.

L Forsyth

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