A travel moment in Brisbane

I remember stepping off the plane and for the first time in 20 odd hours I could actually feel both of my legs working. I guess I almost forgot how that felt! Having the use of my legs back was a blessing, being on my own in a foreign country, not so much a blessing. The familiar face I would be seeking could not appear soon enough for me.

Baggage reclaim was fun, so to speak. I spent a good 25 minutes wondering around Carousel 14 half asleep waiting for my purposely bought, bright pink suitcase that would see me through this maiden voyage to this unknown land, before releasing my fellow passengers were actually crowded around Carousel 13. Well done Sophie! After reclaiming my baggage, having nothing to declare, I made my way to passport control which was simple enough surprisingly. The man on the desk inspected my passport and looked at my visa and waved me through wishing me a pleasant stay. I thanked him and gave him a cheeky wink as this was the first slice of conversation I had experienced in the last 26 hours, in English at least. Walking through the arrivals lounge, a pair of eyes meet mine and my legs give way, wonderful timing legs!

The eyes that met me were those of my long distant boyfriend. Long distant no more, I was there to stay, but where was I? I just realised you probably donít know where I am, not that there are many places a 26 hour flight will take you. Yes, I was in Australia, finally! Iíd been waiting for this reunion for four months and if you donít mind me pointing out my timing was perfect! I arrived in Brisbane International Airport on 4th November 2009, narrowly missing the bitter British winter and entering the blistering heat of the Australian summer.

The 3 day hangover, as I re-named my jetlag, was strange to say the least, I have never experience anything like it but I had better get used to it, quickly! The next few days were spent catching up and
telling stories about the time apart between my man and I and his family over there who we were staying with. My native South African manís brother and his Australian wife were putting us up which was much appreciated.

Discovering my new surroundings was amazing, the smells, the sounds, the people, all of it captured and intrigued me.

The one moment that will stay with me forever is the moment I found myself surrounded by people but in complete silence, there was noise but I couldnít hear it, I chose not to. I wanted to experience everything in that split second flash. I was standing on a beach, I could feel a light breeze and I felt, at home. At last.

S Grummitt

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