A travel moment in Barcelona

Barcelona. No matter what accent is uttering this word, it conjures up thoughts of excitement, vibrancy and festivity. I had been recommended to visit the city by my parents, and so, for once I took their advice and with best friend in tow vacated my boring Bristol based life for 5 days in beautiful, bustling Barcelona.

The air in Barcelona upon arrival was impassioned with life and diversity. Even at midnight there was no sign of anyone deciding to retire for an early night, the side streets filled with bantering locals and the magnetism of the Las Ramblas captivating the ever eager tourists. Las Ramblas paves its way right through the heart of Barcelona and is the ultimate distraction. It is a hectic array of animated street performers and colourful stalls selling everything from tortoises to sex. You could easily splurge hours of your time on this one street and as much fun as it would be, Barcelona has a few other things to offer.

Never before has a building site taken my breath away but the sight of De La Sagrada Familia certainly did. To say itís a building site doesnít paint a pretty picture and the photos really donít do this magnificent architecture justice. It has been constantly under construction since 1852 with artists and builders each adding their individual craftsmanship to the masterpiece created by Gaudi.

Another of Gaudiís creations is that of Park Guell, which will draw my account to a dreamy focal point as since that significant afternoon I spent there I cannot get it out of my head. Like a crush or a repetitive song, Park Guell has captured me and sentenced me to torturous days where I simmer in annoyance that it is not my local park. I long for that charming afternoon where I wandered around being kissed by the sun and hypnotized by the colourful mosaics, dream like walkways and breathing in the scent of harmony. These feelings and memories are embossed in my mind; I carry them as a secret hoping nobody will take away my ability to temporarily escape to there.

It is within my future plans to take a trip back to my beloved Barcelona and to rekindle what I had with Park Guell however part of me is afraid to do so. What if the calmness cannot be found again? What if in time I have beautified this place with unrealistic imagery that never existed and I dreamt it all up?

A Webber

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