A travel moment in Australia

Piecing the boxes and bags like a 3D puzzle back into the boot of "Albi" it suddenly dawned on me how lucky we were that it was the back tyre that blew and not a front when driving at 70MPH . The girls came running back from their lookout positions to; our oasis on wheels, the white Holden Station Wagon, that had been home for the last 4 weeks.

Breaking down on an outback highway in 40 degrees is alarming enough without the threat of a thundering 3 trailer road train running you down from over the dangerous brow you have unfortunately found yourselves stranded below.

Now with no spare tyre we turned our attentions to the nearest 'township' which involved a detour from our 2,800 mile journey from Darwin to Perth. After a few hours, kangaroos and a never ending
expanse of red earth , we arrived in the eerie town of Halls Creek. Unfortunately the sun had begun to sloop towards the horizon and so the garage was shut and with it our chances of replacing the tyre today. Now call it intuition, sixth sense or just plain survival instinct but we felt a strange chill here and unanimously decided that we were not camping here! So we headed out towards the Wolf creek crater and set up camp 10 miles out of town just off the road sheltered behind a huge blue excavating machine.

After yet another Tuna pasta supper, out came the 'Goon' and the drinking games begun! soon it was time to leave the cool bright starlit sky-scape and take shelter from the 3/4 moon in our 4man tent. Still and dark the tent captured every little noise and the imagination amplified them, animals outside the tent became Man eating Dingoes and a passing vehicle had spotted us and was definitely slowing down and 'coming to get us'

Thankfully the next morning we got our new tyre and headed for Broome unscathed and very relieved to have this town behind us. 18 months later the movie wolf creek based upon a true story was released and revealed that our fears were not unfounded!

R Hawker

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