A travel moment in Africa

I was a soul seeking the perfect refuge. I wandered high and low to find the promised sanctuary. The search took me to Africa. I travelled it through and through finding many a places, wonderful and awe-inspiring. But the perfect shelter had to be found in a place far from the imagination of the world in general and yet close enough to it. The bus roared on at high speeds cutting through the breath taking scenery of the black continent. Beauty was all around me and I stared out of the window like a hungry lion trying to consume every bit of the exquisiteness in which I found myself. But the greatest part of my journey was ahead of me and the heat in the afternoon could not harm my spirits. Every second spent traveling this way got me nearer to my personal perception of heaven. The bus could not go further, so we went out and boarded a sailing ship heading deep into the archipelago. I was intoxicated, not by wine but by the immensity of the beauty which flowed
endlessly in the goblet of nature.

Endlessly it flowed on, the sight failing to capture its enormity, the vastness which was the Indian Ocean. The sun was blinding me but the scene was giving me a new insight into things. I was beholding the most precious vision of my life. I was on an island bordered by nothing but sheer Ocean. It was an island devoid of any motorized vehicles and immensely rich in nothing but clean air, picturesque ocean and good people. My will broke down here to go any further. My endless travels through the second largest continent of earth, the birth place of man had come to an end. I had not known more of a serene place, neither in the Himalayas nor in the savannas of Africa. It had the silence of the hills and the sounds of the jungle at once, animated with a perpetual tranquil stirring of the ocean. Away from mankind and yet within it, I found finally my paradise lost, the perfect
refuge, the island of lamu.

S Khalid

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