A Precious Memory

Playful breezes, a sensation of fairy kisses dancing around my bare shoulders as I left our motorhome in a parking bay to walk across one of the long stretches of road crossing the Nullabor. Far from being a desert there was growth of all sorts along the edges of the great plain, fascinating in it's diversity.
Nullabor is latin for 'no trees' but there was green of every hue and I was about to experience something out of a dream.
Keeping watch in the event of a snake out for an early evening slither, I walked a few metres off the road. A rustle just ahead froze my movement. Snake! I didn't dare breathe. Only my eyes moved fearfully from side to side. Then I saw it. A grey kangaroo, less than three metres away.
A female I guessed by the fine structure of the proudly held head and shoulders in view above a scrubby salt bush. Watching me intently, ears pricked giving the impression she might disappear in one graceful leap.
'Hello,' I said quietly, mesmerised by the beautiful brown eyes. She made an almost imperceptible movement. Flight seemed imminent.

R Ryan

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