A Moment Of A Lifetime


Now that’s not to say that all of our OTHER summer vacations were nothing special; it’s just that THIS summer’s vacation was “ONCE IN A LIFETIME!” Here’s why:

From August 11th to the 20th, my husband, Shelly, and I were able to take a trip to Western Canada. How lucky were we?!

Our trip was comprised of 4 areas: Vancouver, Victoria, Lake Louise and Banff. Each and every area we visited was more beautiful, more picturesque and more memorable than the last. But what I refer to as “A MOMENT OF A LIFETIME” specifically happened in the Lake Louise region.

It was August 17th. The sun came up over the mountains with a golden glow that morning. We finished our breakfasts, grabbed our fleece jackets and went out to the tour bus. THIS time, the trip scheduled was a tour of the ROCKY MOUNTAINS, ending with THE COLUMBIA GLACIER

Everything about the scenery of the mountains was PHENOMENAL! I can’t even put into words just how BREATH-TAKING they were. .AND we had three bonuses: We saw TWO BLACK BEARS and ONE GRIZZLY BEAR! Our tour bus driver told us that the difference between a grizzly bear and a black bear has NOTHING to do with the color; a grizzly has a hump on its back. THAT’S how you can tell them apart.

After 2+ hours, we reached THE COLUMBIA GLACIER FIELDS. We then had to take ANOTHER bus for a short run, and finally got on THE ICE EXPLORER BUS. The EXPLORER bus, with its HUMUNGOUS wheels, took us right ONTO the GLACIER site.

Just looking out onto the miles of ice with the sun streaming across it, we were filled with such an unexplainable feeling. Then, taking that feeling one step further, Shelly and I left the bus and SET FOOT UPON THE GLACIER, itself! It took our breaths away! We felt as if we had stepped onto another planet, it was THAT amazing! Imagine it— We were standing and walking on a GLACIER in the ROCKY MOUNTAINS 7,000 feet above sea level!! Isn’t that FANTASTIC??!

Well, after fifteen minutes of shooting photographs, and gingerly exploring the surface of the GLACIER, we had to get back onto the bus. Everyone aboard the bus just stared out the windows with their mouths agape, then looked at each other in disbelief. “Were we really on a GLACIER?” I heard two people rhetorically ask their neighbors. “Yeah, we really were”, we answered.

Shelly and I STILL find it hard to believe that that ACTUALLY happened. But, if we ever want to reassure ourselves that it was all real, we can read the forty-five page journal I kept during the trip, or look at the 1100 (digital)PHOTOGRAPHS Shelly took along the way.

So now you see that while EVERY MINUTE of our trip was UNBELIEVEABLE, our GLACIER EXPERIENCE was our “MOMENT OF A LIFETIME!”


W Klenetsky

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