A Magical Experience

Two thousand and fifty six metres high and all that would keep me from plummeting into the thick bushes of the Costa Rican rainforest was a small metal rope. The man fastened my buckle and double checked that I was safe and then turned towards me and told me to jump. I looked back at him, shocked, at first thinking that he was mad but then changing my mind to conclude that he was obviously not the brightest person. He looked at me again and once more asked me to jump. I did not realise it then, but in the time that the man asked me that question, my life would change in a way I thought not possible and would in fact have a huge impact on my outlook: it taught me to grasp every opportunity. I looked out in front of me and all that I could see was the rope hanging half a mile to the other side of the valley. I knew that this would be a once in a lifetime experience and so I clung onto the buckle and plunged myself forwards. At first, I had my eyes closed, desperate for this ordeal to end. I could feel the wind pound against my back and my legs began to shake. I flashed my eyes to the left, and the sight which I saw truly took my breath away: four large glistening lakes surrounded by looming mountains and the Sun gently disappearing behind. To my right I could see a volcano, powerful and overbearing as smouldering lava flowed down its cone. I began to relax during the descent and was finally able to appreciate the beauty that surrounded me. As I sped through the rainforest at seventy miles an hour, I caught glimpses of monkeys playing in banana trees and a short, tangy burst as the smell from the coffee plantations rose towards me. I marvelled at how the rope that had appeared so small had carried me so far. I was flying, flying over the rainforest in the middle of Costa Rica and I felt on top of the world.

L Minihan

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