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Sightseeing tours - Holiday Activity Guide.

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Looking to get away and spend your holiday on a real adventure? Get up and finally do some sightseeing for a change. Why spend your days off recovering from work or school, live a little! There are thousands of great places across the world that are waiting to be seen by you. Sightseeing does not have to be expensive. Walking the streets of a major metropolitan center or gazing at ancient structures from old civilizations only requires good walking shoes and a camera for memories. Wouldn’t you like to see paintings from famous artists in a museum or learn how different cultures manufactured and built their technology? The world can be at the tip of your fingers.

Travel packages and deals are easy to come by these days, so why not see Paris or Tokyo? Why not see the ruins of Greece or of the Roman Empire? Even a local trip can have incredible benefits. See your home area in a brand new light by walking through historic districts and cultural landmarks. Visit the towns and cities you never have a chance to and open up to new possibilities right in your backyard. Whether it is local or exotic, sightseeing allows you to use your holidays wisely.

Suggested sightseeing tours:

Start off by viewing some of the wonderful cultures of South America. In the country of Peru, the city of Cusco reveals the capital of the ancient Incan Empire. The city was built by the Incas around 1200 and was destroyed by the Spanish in 1525. There, ruins of religious temples remain, along with access to the Inca Trail which can lead the traveler to Machu Picchu and Inca Wasi, the highest Inca settlement in all of Peru. Besides ancient ruins, the current city of Cusco boasts a thriving community including the leading soccer club of Peru.

If Peru is too far, the country of Mexico provides sites of interest for any traveler. Mexico is a great choice since you can combine the contemporary wonders of the country with its ancient past. Try the Yucatan Peninsula area of Mexico to see the best of both worlds. The Chichen Itza is a dominant figure in the Yucatan, a large Mayan site that contains the pyramid to Quetzalcoatl, sports fields, and other religious sites detailing the Mayan religious tradition include human sacrifice. After traveling through these ancient ruins, you can always go back to the modern world by enjoying the Yucatan’s incredible beaches and resorts.

Traveling to Europe is many people’s dreams, and the United Kingdom remains one of the top places to visit on any trip to the “Old Country“. London is the focus of many British vacations. The cultural and political capital of England, London provides beautiful views into the past. One foray is a quick visit to the British Museum, which contains millions of artifacts from the ancient world as well as classical pieces of art through English history. The British library contains original manuscripts of some of the greatest pieces of literature, including works by William Shakespeare. Besides museums, a trip to Buckingham Palace will give travelers insight on the royal family’s history and life. Finally, a trip to the Tower of London holds the Crown Jewels of England as well as high profile prisoners across English history. But if a jaunt to London, isn’t enough, England provides hundreds of other world famous sites. There is the haunting glow of Stonehenge in Wiltshire that will keep you in awe over the ancient Celtic culture. Or, you can see Hadrian’s Wall, a border wall constructed by the Roman Empire across northern England.

However, if you feel Europe is too cliché for travel, you can try many different countries across Africa and Asia. Egypt is probably the most traveled country in Africa and there are many good reasons why that is the case. The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are some of the greatest images in the world, and you can have the chance to see them for yourself. Understandably, these areas are saturated with tourists, so trips to other ancient areas of Egypt provide fruitful insight to the ancient culture. The city of Luxor combines ancient and modern in their very street, with the ancient river ports and temples of the city of Thebes literally encased by the modern city-life of Luxor. In Cairo, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities will stun any eye with their exhibits of over 12,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts including mummies.

Probably the hardest traveling decision to make is not what country to visit in Asia, but which sightseeing holiday to focus on. Each country contains over hundreds of ancient sites that will be intriguing to any traveler. Narrowing it down a bit, two must-see countries in Asia are India and China.

India provides stunning pieces of architecture and ancient relics of the past. The Taj Mahal is one of the most well-known sights in the world, with its representation of Mughal architecture. However, with so many travelers per day seeing this ancient site, you may want to try to visit quieter local monuments instead. The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan was an ancient planned city for the royal family in Jaipur. To this day, people marvel at how geometric the streets are, along with how each building fits into the city’s six quarters.

If you are to visit China, the Great Wall is a site that is not to be missed. The Forbidden City in Beijing provides educational and awe-inspiring pieces of history within its walls as well. Home to the Palace Museum, this area documents the dominant architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, along with paintings, ceramics and jade from those era.

Sightseeing provides a wonderful opportunity to see the world. Why spend your holiday time cooped up in your home, when you can use your precious time experiencing the sights and wonders of this planet. Please, do yourself a favor and begin the journeys of a lifetime.

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