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And what is an African vacation without a safari expedition? After all, it is the staple of Africa: a ride out into the plains and savannah, gazing upon the great animals of nature in their original habitat without the convention of cages. The quintessential man versus nature experience, these are some of the most highly praised and scenic options available in Tanzania:

3 Day Wildlife Safari (transportation and meals included)
Including two nights in permanent tent bases, this basic tour takes you wildlife viewing through the world famous Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, maximizing the most of your two day experience. Watch elephants and hippos during the day, and gather around a late night camp fire under the vast skyline. Meals, driver, and guide services are provided, including access to full access bathrooms on site.

Tanzania Cycle Safari (meals not included)
A thirteen day route through the thick brush of Tanzania beauty has you close and personal with African wildlife. From the Ngorongoro Crater, to Serengeti plains, Lake Natron and coffee plantations, to the shadow of an active volcano, the Cycle Safari is a great way to spend two weeks exploring like an adventurer. This trip guarantees up close access to the Top Five animal sightings of the region frolicking in the plains and glimpses of local tribes who still call the great landscapes home.

Tanzania Safari Experience (meals not included)
Tour and gaming drives are available. For seven days, camp alongside wild animals at night and, during the day, take in everything about the Serengeti plains. A Chief Experience Officer (CEO) will be with you throughout, acting as your certified driver and guide, giving you the best seat in the house along the plains and best reserves of Tanzania. There is even an opportunity to for local luncheons and meetings face to face with Masai plains people firsthand.

Tanzania Camping Adventure (meals not included)
Travelling along the Rift Valley, this one of a kind camping experience gets you as comfortably close to nature as possible. Full service campsites mean you spend less time in a hotel and more time out and about, snapping pictures and closer to the wildlife than you ever thought possible. Enjoy traditional local lunches among African natives and spend your whole week roughing. Definitely not recommended for amateurs or first-timers.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Group Trek - Machame 8 Day Route (meals not included)
This is an incredibly active and physically exerting party, not for the faint of heart. For the amateur hiker and experienced backpacker, this trek takes you up several scenic routes up and over the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Experienced guides and trackers are there for your safety and to ensure you get the best experience possible, through deep, rich jungles, golden coloured plains, to the glacial peaks of the highest mountaintop. A full alpine camping experience.

But a safari is not all Tanzania, or even Africa, has to offer. This is a country rich with history and outstanding natural beauty. Here are a few local sites that should not be missed while in Tanzania.

Lake Victoria

Named after the Queen of England, this is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. The vastness of this body of water is breathtaking and awe-inspiring, incomparable in spectacular natural beauty. The lake holds over 3000 individual islands, many of which you can visit. Bordering three countries (Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya), Victoria acts as a conduit bridge between colourful African cultures and tribes.

Mbweni Ruins

The site of a 19th-century UMCA station settlement for freed slaves shortly after the slave trade was abolished, Mbweni has transformed from a checkpoint to a memorial of the remembrance of slave and slave history. If there ever was a location in Tanzania to leave you feeling humbled and touched on a spiritual and human level, this would be it. St John's Anglican Church, built in the 1880's, still stands and offers regular service to the devout.

Ngorongoro Conservation Park

A park more lush and green than any to behold, Ngorongoro is famed not just for its gorgeous plains a, but also its historical significance. This conservation park houses the archaeological site of Olduvai Gorge and the Ngorongoro crater, probably its most acclaimed attraction. The UNESCO recognized this site as world heritage in 1979, preserving their natural beauty for all time and leaving it accessible to humans and animals alike.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest peak on the African continent with three volcanic cones, the reputation of the great mountain far precedes its mammoth size and beauty. Several trekking tours are available that take you up and around and over the mountain, but only consider these if you can adjust to the dramatic temperature difference. Or absorb the breadth of this natural landmark from a distance during any number of safari tours. Keep in mind the ice cap frosting the tip top of Kilimanjaro are showing signs of melting away, so try to make it one of the first stops on your trip.

Serengeti National Park

One of the greatest natural parks still in existence, this wildlife preservation is home to, in some cases, the last of a wild species roaming in the open wild. Professional safaris led by local guides can get you right into the heart of it all, next to wild zebra's, herds of gigantic elephants, and as close to lounging lions as you dare to get. Serengeti is one of the last vestibules of breathtaking natural beauty and wildlife preserves.

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