Wildlife tours in South Africa Travel Guide

Wildlife tours in South Africa

Lured by the hint of excitement and opportunity of a glimpse of animals in the wild, safaris in South Africa have remained one of the most popular adventure tours worldwide. Plan a wildlife tour to experience some of the world's rarest and most dangerous animals. Travel with experienced guides to ensure the safety of your party. Packages vary in expense, time commitment and level of luxury.

Depending on which type of tour is contemplated, Kruger National Park is perhaps the most famous safari destination and offers a wide variety of options. Featuring family, honeymoon and premier packages, tours range between a day trip or week long adventure. At Kruger, guests can elect to stay at a 5 star resort or camp in the wilderness. For packages offering luxury accommodations, the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve borders the park. Offering the ultimate in services, cuisine and surroundings, this resort is the most sought-after corner in the vicinity.

Using accommodation that is owned by the park or staying in a lodge or guest house nearby is less expensive. Located on the Crocodile River, Bushwise provides luxury amenities plus more with a refreshing pool to cool off in. Energize after a day of viewing some of the 288 species of wildlife from a river view deck. Enjoy fine dining in an outdoor enclosure while catching glimpses of lions and big game drinking from the river.

Also sharing a border with the park, Timbavati Private Game Reserve allows for guests to view animals in their free range habitats. Choose from a selection of colonial lodges, tented camps or thatched roof lodges for accommodations tailored to all budget needs.

Experience the African bush in the traditional style by reserving a Rustic Safari Package. Very suitable for couples, this package replaces electricity with oil lamps and candles. Alternate between travel by Land Rover and on foot through this 4 day excursion to track game.

Whether taking a Safari tour to indulge, relax or experience action, Kruger wild animal tours provide top notch quality with highly trained guides. For all safari tours, comfortable footwear, water and insect repellent are recommended.

Considered as one of the most highly regarded safari lodges in South Africa, Vuyani Safari Lodge features exclusive service and accommodations. Located at the Moditlo Private Game Reserve, guests typically arrive by car from either the Eastgate or Nelspriut airports. In addition to expert service and deluxe rooms, a 12 meter pool along with an upper observation deck will make any guest feel at home.

Decorated in an African style, each room displays traditional and modern art and sculpture. Offering only 5 rooms, the chefs at Vuyani are able to provide professionally presented gourmet cuisine only available with exclusive holidays. When relaxing at the lodge, guests can rejuvenate in the eternity pool or bring a cocktail down to the water's edge.

Find some of the rarest animals in the world on the 3 hour safari drive in an open 4X4 vehicle. Remember that most animals are out and about during the early morning hours or late afternoon, therefore safaris are planned to begin at 6 am and 4pm. While on tour, follow rhinos, cheetahs and leopards roaming freely throughout this 36,000 acre reserve. At the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains are several lakes that draw animals out to quench their thirst.

Keep in mind that the weather in South Africa can vary with changes in elevation and time of day. Find below a list of recommended clothing, identification and first aid items to bring on a safari.

Identification and Medical

Along with passports and visas, visitors should also have a copy made to put in their wallets in case of loss.
Find out beforehand the vaccinations required for travel to South Africa. Have copies of these along with any medical conditions and original prescription drug containers. Ask a doctor about bringing antibiotics.
For glasses/contact wearers, bring extra as there may be no facilities available for replacement if they are lost.
Include a first aid kit.
Bring sunscreen and insect repellent.


Don't wear white clothing while on safari as this can be distracting to animals.
Pack loose cotton shirts for daytime and something warm for evenings.
Have long pants available for evenings but shorts during the day.
Always consider comfortable footwear for all occasions in the wild.
Wear a hat when the sun is high in the sky.

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