Canada: The Royal Canadian Pacific and Rocky Mountaineer Travel Guide

When you are looking for a unique vacation experience with some historic significance, take a look at the Royal Canadian Pacific and Rocky Mountain train journeys. Both train journeys offer an exciting look into the past when you travel along the rail lines that have played an important part in Canada's history. Check out the Royal Canadian Pacific and Rocky Mountain train journeys for your next holiday getaway.

Built in 1881, the Royal Canadian Pacific railway helped to join Canada's west coast with the more populous east coast. The Canadian Pacific line allowed more people to visit the western coast as well as providing access for lumber to be transported from the west to markets in the east. With its increase in demand for freight and passenger service, the Canadian Pacific (CP) Limited had become the second largest railway company in Canada by 2000. In order to provide better service and increased revenue, the directors of the CP Limited felt that breaking the company up into smaller divisions would be more effective, and by 2001, the company reorganized into five separate entities.

Originating over twenty years ago, the Rocky Mountaineer railway train travels over some of the most historic western railways in Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer began in 1990 by the Armstrong group who wanted to provide a luxury experience for travelers to see some of the most scenic and historic parts of Western Canada. By the next year in 1991, the Rocky Mountaineer railway tour was named by the International Railway Traveler magazine among the "World’s 20 Best Rail Experiences". This honour was awarded again in 1998. In 2003, BBC Television included the tour in a special, stating that it is among the "50 Things To Do Before You Die". The Rocky Mountaineer railway tour has continued to win awards and honours for its incredible service and accommodations.

The Royal Canadian Pacific railway tour offers you the feeling of stepping back in time as you board a luxury train with cars built between 1916 and 1931 that are decked out with amenities and accommodations that would be provided for heads-of-state or royalty. The railway includes your choice of tour from private railway dining to the Royal Banff dinner tour or multi-day excursions. You can even book the tour for private meetings, special events or group travels. The travel package offers you first-class service with cuisine that is prepared by culinary chefs as well as accommodations that would rival a five-star hotel. Your stateroom includes a private ensuite with double or single beds, on-train internal telephone and more.

Your tour with the Royal Canadian Pacific railway also gives you the opportunity to enjoy several off-train activities such as playing golf at the Greywolf Golf Course, the Eagle Ranch Golf resort, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort or a number of other hotels and resorts along the tour. You can also have the experience of watching buffalo on the Southern Alberta prairie as well as visiting areas like Banff National Park, Cathedral Mountain, the Spiral Tunnels and more.

Traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer railway tour provides you with incredible views of Canadian wildlife, pristine lakes, majestic glaciers and powerful waterfalls. The tours include luxury motor-coaches with a variety of tour options such as afternoon, one-day or two-day train trips. You will travel along the historic Rocky Mountains of Canada as you travel along the railway, leaving from Vancouver and going through towns like Jasper, Whistler, Banff and Calgary. You can customize your trip to meet your needs and requirements.

Rocky Mountaineer railway includes several multi-day options like the Vancouver to Calgary tour that was famous for being the connecting rail line between British Columbia and Canada as well as the Journey through the Clouds tour that takes you from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta. Other tours include the Rainforest to Gold Rush tour that follows the trail through British Columbia's rainforest and the Sea to Sky climb that travels from Vancouver to Whistler, British Columbia.

The Royal Canadian Pacific and Rocky Mountaineer tours provide all amenities and food, requiring that you bring only clothing, toiletries, medicines and any personal needs. Recreational equipment is available at the resorts and supplies like batteries and other supplies are available at the resorts gift shops.

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