Marlin fishing off Cuba Travel Guide

Guide to Marlin fishing off Cuba

Catching one of these deep-sea monsters requires trolling at speeds of six to nine knots while using heavy-duty equipment and lures, natural or live bait. June through September remain the optimal months for catching black, blue or white marlin in Cuba.

Anglers typically use flexible poles measuring five to six feet in length that carry ratings of 100 pounds or more. High-speed reels equipped with multiple breaking systems hold 300 to 600 feet of line. Constructed from metal or plastic, lures measure anywhere from seven to 15 inches in length and often resemble fish or squid. Natural bait choices commonly include ballyhoo or mackerel. Anglers might also combine lures with bait. Live bait options include small tuna species.

Fees for charter marlin fishing generally apply to groups of up to four people. Additional charges apply to each extra individual. Specialized crews man each boat that carries the necessary equipment, bait and tackle. Some also provide the required licensing.

Marina Hemmingway

Located in Havana, this location remains the most popular because of the famous author. The location also gains recognition for hosting annual marlin tournaments. Boats here offer open bars and allow four to six lines of fishing. Charters average $321.00 for four hours, $427.00 for six hours and $535.00 for eight hours of fishing. A $20.00 fee applies to additional individuals.

Cayo Coco

Situated at Aguas Tranquilas, boats here offer open bars, fishing licenses and round trip transfers. Charters average $364.00 for four hours and $481.00 for seven hours of fishing, which includes lunch. Additional companion fees are $16.00.

Santa Lucia

Boats offer music and open bars while trolling the coastal waters. Anglers may use up to four lines in at least two types of water. Fish with tackle, artificial or live bait. Charters cost $214.00 for four hours of fishing and additional companion fees are $22.00.


Boats at this marina venture up to three miles off the coast between Bahia de Sama and Gibara. Boats offer open bars. Charters cost $331.00 for four hours of fishing and charge $12.00 for each additional person.

Cayo Guillermo

Charter services include open bars, fishing licenses and round trip transfers. Boats provide lunch for seven hour fishing excursions. Charters cost $364.00 for four hours and $481.00 for seven hours. Boats charge $16.00 for additional guests.

Santiago de Cuba

Boats here offer open bars and charge $268.00 for four hours and $374.00 for six hours of fishing. Additional guests require a fee of $16.00.

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