Kalahari Desert Travel Guide

Kalahari Desert Tours - Adventure Travel Guide

The Kalahari desert is a sandy desert of predominantly powdered, red sand. It stretches from the Northern Cape Province in South Africa through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia with an area of more than 350.000 square miles. Large parts of the Kalahari have been designated as protected areas.

These regions include the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park, the Central Kalahari Wildlife Reserve and the world famous Okavango River Delta. Furthermore, the Trans Kalahari Highway is open since the late 1990's. This well-constructed road is an essential trade and transportation route between the Indian Ocean in Mosambik and the Atlantic in Namibia.

Namibia - The Vast Land Of Pristine Nature

Namibia is one of the few countries where the ecology is still intact. In addition, the dry climate is extremely healthy, and tropical diseases are highly uncommon. Most diversified is the wildlife, which populates even remote areas of the Kalahari Desert. Here, the large herds of animals are moving unlimited and freely.

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is the ideal starting point for travels to all parts of the country. In the hills of the Khomas Highland, about 15 miles west of the city, lies the Daan Viljoen Nature Park. There, visitors can observe various species of antelopes, zebras, baboons and ostriches.

Another impressive sight is the St. Mary's Cathedral, which was constructed in 1908. Also worth seeing is the Ink Palace, a magnificent monument of remarkable architecture, as well as the seat of the Namibian Parliament.

Travelers are fascinated by the artistic and cultural streets in Namibia. There, guests can relax in one of the fashionable designed cafes. The African nation of Namibia attracts tourists from all over the world with its warm hospitality and diverse attractions.

Botswana - Home Of Impressive Landscapes And The Okavango Delta

In Botswana, one looks in vain for antique buildings, churches or other common landmarks because Botswana is different. Here, travelers can discover sights that only Mother Nature has to offer, and most landmarks can only be identified after a closer look.

Botswana is home to the largest inland delta on the planet, the Okavango Delta. Here, one can encounter numerous life forms, and some of them are rare and endangered species.

In the capital of Botswana, Gaborone is the dam, which is another main attraction. This is the reservoir from where the locals receive their drink water supply. Likewise, sport fishermen can enjoy their favorite pastime in this area. It is an exclusive destination, and the yacht club in the city offers a swimming pool, as well as a bar with a breathtaking panorama.

In the National Museum, the history of Botswana is represented. Here, tourists can learn about dinosaurs and the first traces of people in Africa. Furthermore, the museum exhibits modern art pieces of young artists, and a beautiful paining called "Dancing Tribes" can be admired at the entrance.

Zambia - Where Waterfalls meet the Kalahari Desert

A visit to the Victoria Falls is probably the biggest highlight of a Zambia holiday. The falls are located in the south of the country on the border to Zimbabwe. For many travelers, this natural spectacle is an unforgettable experience. At the Victoria Falls plunges the 1.6 miles wide Zambezi River into the depths. The Victoria Falls have been declared a World Natural Heritage by the UNESCO.

Nearby the impressive waterfalls is the town of Livingstone. Due to a huge number of visitors, the city is well prepared to meet the needs of tourists. Therefore, all hotels are comfortably equipped with air conditioning and Internet.

In the historical museum in Livingstone, travelers can see historic artifacts and documents. Most tourists are particularly excited by the railway museum in the city, too. On a safari through the protected areas of Zambia, one can explore exotic plants and extraordinary African wildlife. A journey of adventure takes visitors to the outback of Zambia, where they can discover remote and old villages.

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