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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to ride horses in Mongolia? Have you dreamed of galloping across the steppe in a land without fences?

Horse riding in Mongolia is the perfect way to learn about this beautiful country. Stepperiders owns over 100 horses and some yaks. We focus on quality, inspired itineraries and a friendly, personalized approach to all that we do. Small groups, great accommodation, good food, experienced guides and a flexible approach which allows us to cater for a variety of needs, experience. On horseback you can travel slowly and observe closely. You will see nomadic herders at work, eat Mongolian food, and see some of the most beautiful unspoiled countryside in the world. Once you have seen Mongolia from the back of a horse, you will really start to understand what makes this place so special. Mongolian culture and hundreds of years of Mongolian history are tightly linked with the horse and today Mongolia is one of the last real horse cultures left in the world.Mongolia is a country with pristine wilderness, a culture virtually untouched by Western influences and a people known for their unfaltering hospitality and warmth. The Mongols have been living the same nomadic way of life for centuries. Living in their traditional gers which are easily collapsed, moved, and re-erected they herd their animals across the steppe, forever searching for fresh pasture. Nomads move about 4 times a year. In recent years severe weather conditions, responsible for the death of thousands of livestock.

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Mongolia Articles


Stepperiders is a horse trekking company in Mongolia. We are family-owned and GREEN ECO CAMP and conveniently located. We offer overnight horse riding adventures in the Mongolian countryside.

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