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We arrived and transgferred to our lodge, the Malealea in south west Lesotho. The Jones were great, friendly, accommodating and a font of all knowledge. We had a brai that night, large steaks on an open fire, more stars in the sky than you could imagine. We didn't know it then but it was the first of many such evenings.

Next day we got introduced to our ponies and guides and head off into the beautiful Maloti mountains, a picturesque outcrop of the Drakensberg themselves. The ground was a spring-time carpet of flowers, teaming with bird-life. At night we stayed in small Basotho hamlets, taking over a rondoval and playing with the village children.

Pony trekking is the thing to do in Lesotho, the tough little ponies are strong and sure-footed, generations of breeding has made them the main mode of transportation and children seem to ride before they can walk.

You get to see the remote landscapes, meet the local peoples and see the local culture and wildlife in the traditional way. On horseback.

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Southern Secrets

Qualified guides specialising in Drakenberg hiking and day walks. Nature and flora itineraries.

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Maliba Mountain Lodge

Maliba Mountain Lodge is situated in Tsehlanyane National Park and an ideal holiday base in Lesotho.


Lesotho Articles

Memories of Lesotho

A trip to Lesotho turned into an unforgetable adventure when a Real Africa guide arrived there to lead a pony trek.

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